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Australia is a sovereign nation on the Australian continent and the largest country in the Ocenia.  The country is known to be one of the major influencers on the global political scenario and is a coveted tourist destination. It is surrounded by sea it comprises of several islands and has a breath-taking coastline through the country. The country’s capital, Canberra, is its largest inland city with a population of over 403,000 people. Australia has a stable political system being a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy. It comprises of six states and several other territories. Australia boasts of a big immigrant population with about 26% of its population being immigrants, this makes Australia an ideal place to study abroad.


Australia is an ocean country; it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Indian Ocean on another. Australia is the world’s smallest continent and the sixth largest country in the world, beating India with a landmass of 7,617,930 square kilometres. Australia has a wide variety of landscapes which makes it an ideal place to live the student life. Australia boasts of coastlines, rainforests, mountain ranges, and dry deserts all in the same country. For travel junkies, Australia is an ideal place to study. The Australian climate is determined by the ocean currents due to its proximity to the sea. It is prone to cyclones in the northern area and the south west corner of the country enjoys a Mediterranean weather. All in all, Australia has a great weather through the year, barring few exceptions. The quality of living in Australia is very high.

Travelling :

Australia is a developed country and travelling within the country is never an issue. It has a highly developed transit system and the primary mode of transport remain road transport. Road transportation is considered an enabler of the Australian economy. Australia has the second highest number of car owners in the world; this should tell you of the dependence on road transport in Australia. Australia boasts of a road network which is 913,000 km long.

The public transit in Australia is very well maintained. There are various options available for the citizens to travel within the cities and a few rural areas too. Big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth etc. have a commuter rail service which is spread across the city. Other cities have trams light rails for conveyance. There is an intra-city public transport network available in the major cities of Australia. Australia boasts of over 300 airports with paved runways that allow for transportation within the country as well as around the world. Australia is a well-connected nation in terms of accessibility.


Australia is a true democracy and a secular nation. There is no official religion of the country.

Affiliation 2006% 2011 (‘000) 2011% 2016 (‘000) 2016%
Christian total 63.9 13,150.6 61.1 12,201.6 52.1
Buddhism 2.1 529.0 2.5 563.7 2.4
Hinduism 0.7 275.5 1.3 440.3 1.9
Sikhism 0.1 72.3 0.4 125.9 0.5
Islam 1.7 476.3 2.2 604.2 2.6
Judaism 0.4 97.3 0.5 91 0.4
Other non-Christian 0.4 95.9 0.4 95.7 0.4
Non-Christian total 5.6 1,546.3 7.2 1,920.8 8.2
No religion 18.7 4,796.8 22.3 7,040.7 30.1
Jedi 0.3 65.0 0.3
Not stated/Inadequately described 11.9 2,014.0 9.4 2,345.5 10
Total 100.0 21,507.7 100.0 23,401.4 100.0


Politics and Economy:

Australia is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II as its chief. This means that technically, the Queen still rules Australia but Australia is an independent democracy. Australia is a large country with strong political affiliations around the globe and it is also a major influence on the global economy. The Australian dollar is the official currency of Australia and is a strong currency globally. Australia is also the world’s twelfth largest economy with a per capita of USD 56,291. It has various income sources such as exports, telecommunications, banking, and manufacturing, which makes Australia a rich country. The unemployment rate in Australia is a meagre 5.1%, due to its thriving economy and a great education system. Australia offers some great graduate and post graduate programmes, which are especially suitable for Indian students.  Work opportunities post studies are also tremendous in Australia.

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