6 Alarming Ways HR Executives Are Putting Enterprise Growth At Risk

Source: Forbes.com 6 Alarming Ways HR Executives Are Putting Enterprise Growth At Risk Glenn Llopis Leadership Strategy (Credit: Glenn Llopis Group) HR executives and their teams are not evolving fast enough and it’s disrupting enterprise growth. As the need for human capital has reached an all-time high, the human resources department is ill equipped to […]

Improving performance management models requires a comprehensive solution

Improving performance management models requires a comprehensive solution. Let’s try a little experiment. Grab your keys and hop in your vehicle. Now, using only your rearview mirror, try to drive to your favorite coffee shop. This sounds ridiculous, but it’s virtually the same approach that companies have been using for years to manage their employees’ […]

5 ways to increase effectiveness in talent management

Source:https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2018/08/01/5-ways-to-increase-effectiveness-in-talent.html Mark Hordes is principal at Mark Hordes Management Consultants LLC, a Houston-based consulting firm focused on talent and organization management. For 20 years, I’ve been on the forefront of cultural talent management efforts for numerous global projects. As the industry has changed over the years, I’ve learned a few key lessons that always ring […]

Build Your Personal Brand

Companies are no longer the only ones that need to develop their brand. Today’s employees need to think about their own personal brand and how they will market themselves throughout their career. A strong and authentic personal brand will help you with new job opportunities, networking and developing relationships, and recognition within your company and […]

Talent Management-a necessity for modern businesses

Talent management is a term that includes activities such as recruiting, sustaining, developing/progressing and rewarding the talent acquired using the most trusted practices. Gradually, modern-day entrepreneurs understand the ever-increasing importance of talent management practices as this can set the stage for earning high dividend in the long run. In fact, the startups or the well-established […]