What is superannuation benefit in India and how it is taxed?

  Does your employer offer you superannuation benefit? Whether you know how it works and what are the tax benefits? Many employees not aware or never bothered. Because the contribution is not from their own pocket. Let us discuss more about this benefit. Below are the features of this benefit. There are two types of […]

Skills required for efficient performance Management :

Getting the best performance from your team calls for a unique blend of skills including: Delivering feedback. The ability to give feedback is a key skill. It is important to find a balance between positive and negative feedback. Remember to keep negative feedback factual (based on your direct observations wherever possible) and non-judgmental, focusing on […]

7 Skills needed for a Successful Career in Payroll.

Payroll administrators, also referred to as payroll managers, are specialists within the human resources field who oversee the daily payroll processes of an organization. These processes include issuing employee paychecks, recording leaves of absence, verifying number of hours worked and keeping records of changes in employment. Payroll administrators perform most of their work with computers […]

9 skills required to be a successful Recruiter

Recruitment Function is an indispensable function for any organization small or big, every organization and realizing the need of the recruitment, the organizations build in-house as well outsourced models for recruitment. Recruitment offers excellent career options. Eduroof has identified 9 very important skills required to excel in this career. 1.Understanding of the Job Profiles. You […]

4 Skills which can build a Career in HR

4 Skills, which can build a Career in HR Recruitment,  Payroll Management, Training and Development, Performance Management,  Recruitment Recruitment is an essential skill, every HR Professional must have to grow in his/her career. This skill is non compromising and every HR professional is expected to harbor this skill if he/she intends to head the HR […]