India will need 2.07 million more doctors by 2030, says study

There were only 4.8 practicing doctors per 10,000 people in India in 2014, says a study According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the ministry of health, India has seven doctors per 10,000 people. New Delhi: To achieve a modest doctor-to-population ratio of 1:1,000, India will need 2.07 million more doctors by 2030, according to […]

Exploring education in Ireland

Summary: Computers, engineering and management courses were among the top picks for students who visited the ‘Education in Ireland’ fair in which 18 institutions from Ireland participated on Saturday. New options: A total of 18 institutions from Ireland participated in the fair held in Chennai on Saturday. “Of all the Indian students we have studying here, […]

What are the procedures to apply for MS in Germany?

So, you’ve made your choice on Germany for your destination of study. Choose the right university and course suits you. List out around 10-15 universities you want to apply. Visit to the college websites and note application requirements such as No of recommendation letters, Application deadline and fees etc The two intakes for German Universities are September […]

Study in Ireland

Many students from India are nowadays considering the option of Studying Abroad when it comes to graduation and post-graduation, and while countries such as US, UK, Canada remain popular with the students, many are also considering options such as Ireland when making plans to study abroad. Ireland though not new as a study abroad destination has previously been ignored […]

Common Questions Students Ask Before They Choose a Program When Planning To Study Abroad

Study abroad is a critical decision as it will bring a tectonic shift in your life. It includes discovering an unfamiliar destination, interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and submerging yourself in new and exciting academic challenges. To maximize your journey, you must start on the right note by choosing a program that fits you […]

What is superannuation benefit in India and how it is taxed?

  Does your employer offer you superannuation benefit? Whether you know how it works and what are the tax benefits? Many employees not aware or never bothered. Because the contribution is not from their own pocket. Let us discuss more about this benefit. Below are the features of this benefit. There are two types of […]

Skills required for efficient performance Management :

Getting the best performance from your team calls for a unique blend of skills including: Delivering feedback. The ability to give feedback is a key skill. It is important to find a balance between positive and negative feedback. Remember to keep negative feedback factual (based on your direct observations wherever possible) and non-judgmental, focusing on […]