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Welcome to Eduroof

We build careers through 3 Principles ESP.

  1. Education
  2. Skills
  3. Placement Support


Our Affiliations National or International are Globally Ranked and that’s how we assess our Programs quality. Our National Affiliation with Tata Institute of Social Sciences-SVE. Tata Institute of Social Sciences is ranked among the top Global Universities.

Skill Development:

A company becomes a brand when customers appreciate the quality, a man becomes a brand when he is appreciated for his mastery of a skill. The skill Programs are delivered by Industry experts who come with rich proven experience.


The best education and skill must lead to the best placements. Our focus on placement is unparalleled to any other institute. Check out our Placement Track record to know about our performance.


Eduroof is headed by Mr. Rajneesh Dhawan, who comes with a rich experience of over 20 Years and is working with passion to setup a valuable Organization.

Mission of Eduroof

We are working with the mission of creating an organization which is trusted for valuable and productive education and skill development.


We see ourselves serving more than 5000 students a year with International Operations and Global Affiliations.

Notice Board

26, February 2017

Exams Scheduled for TISS PGDHR Students in the first Week of March 2017. For Further Details please contact 9223504849


Salman Stationwala

Salman Stationwala

Great Faculties

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Rasel Ahmed

Rasel Ahmed

Web developer
Jenifar jog

Jenifar jog

Dan Diyago

Dan Diyago

Head of Department
Dong lee

Dong lee

Vice Chairman

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