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MBBS in China fees

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Studying medicine abroad is both interesting as well as exciting. The recent changes in international policies have made studying abroad even more affordable. Presently, we can very well note that apart from countries like USA and UK, the recent flow of students has turned to China. Therefore, Students, apart from exempted countries viz. The United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand would go for screening by the Medical Council of India. Thus It is very important that the students understand that practice in India requires studying the MBBS course from MCI approved universities. MBBS in China fees.


Which documents are important to take admission in MBBS in China?


Meanwhile, the following documents are required for obtaining admission in the MBBS course in China:

  1. A scanned copy of mark sheet of 10th standard
  2. A scanned copy of Mark sheet of 12th standard
  3. School leaving certificate
  4. A scanned copy of the passport

What is MBBS in China fees?


Presently, the fee structure for doing MBBS in China in MCI approved universities is as follows:


  1. China Medical University:

Total fee – INR 24,10,000

  1. Dalian Medical University:

Total fee – INR 24,25,000

  1. Qingdao University:

Total fee – INR 19,60,000

  1. Beihai University:

Total fee – INR 16,75,000

  1. Jilin Medical University:

Total fee – INR 17,75,001

  1. Anhui Medical University:

Total fee – INR 17,25,000

  1. Xinjiang Medical University:

Total fee – INR 17,65,00

  1. Hebei University:

Total fee – INR 18,15,000

  1. Jiamusi University:

Total fee – INR 14,90,000

  1. Zhengzhou University:

Total fee – INR 20,25,000

Will I get any scholarships for MBBS in China?

As a matter of fact, yes, various universities approved by the Medical Council of India offer scholarships for students seeking medical education in China.

What to know about MBBS IN China?

Students, apart from exempted countries viz. The United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are subjected to screening by the Medical Council of India. Presently, With a rise in medicine aspirants, the world is coming up with remarkable developments in the teaching of Western medical sciences. In fact, there are more than a hundred universities in China that accept NEET fulfilled candidates without any entrance examination. Presently, China has opened its doors to students seeking medical education. China has evolved in the medical sector for a duration of ten to fifteen years.

What is the recent news on MBBS study in China?

China is now the top choice of students for medical studies:

Previously European, American and Japanese universities were the best choices for medical studies. However, with changing times, China has become a beacon of light to study Western medical science at the affordable cost. Therefore, Medical Universities in China are rapidly developing as best in the field all over the world.



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