Build Your Personal Brand

Companies are no longer the only ones that need to develop their brand. Today’s employees need to think about their own personal brand and how they will market themselves throughout their career. A strong and authentic personal brand will help you with new job opportunities, networking and developing relationships, and recognition within your company and […]

Talent Management-a necessity for modern businesses

Talent management is a term that includes activities such as recruiting, sustaining, developing/progressing and rewarding the talent acquired using the most trusted practices. Gradually, modern-day entrepreneurs understand the ever-increasing importance of talent management practices as this can set the stage for earning high dividend in the long run. In fact, the startups or the well-established […]

Study Medicine And Immigrate To The U.S.

According to an American Immigration Council report approximately one-quarter of all doctors practicing in the United States today, almost 250,000, obtained their medical degrees in foreign countries. While Americans do study abroad for medical education, foreign-trained doctors are mostly non-US citizens. For those planning to pursue a career in healthcare and are interested in immigrating to the […]

MBBS in China fees

Studying medicine abroad is both interesting as well as exciting. The recent changes in international policies have made studying abroad even more affordable. Presently, we can very well note that apart from countries like USA and UK, the recent flow of students has turned to China. Therefore, Students, apart from exempted countries viz. The United States of […]