This Tea Seller’s Daughter Is Off To Study In US’s Top College With A Scholarship Of Rs 3.8 Cr

Sudeeksha Bhati is not your average kid. Being the daughter of a tea-seller, she knows what it feels to have your family barely make ends meet with meagre annual earnings of Rs 72,000. But she is about to change her destiny, and that of her parents and yet she is going to the United States […]

Five tips to scale the GRE without breaking the rhythm

What are the things you don’t think about in summer? Scholarly papers, homework and everything else that brings you stress when school is in session. Among those things is also Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Amidst Friends Parties and loud Disco parties, it is easy to forget about your plans to prepare for GRE. But if […]

India’s skilling challenge: TISS SVE & Lessons from UK, Germany’s vocational training models

Source a report by Ms Antara Sengupta Even after the formation of a separate ministry for skilling in 2015 — the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) — skills training continues to be departmentally-scattered and fragmented in the country. The mandate even now is being supervised by 17 different ministries in their respective […]