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9 skills required to be a successful Recruiter

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Recruitment Function is an indispensable function for any organization small or big, every organization and realizing the need of the recruitment, the organizations build in-house as well outsourced models for recruitment. Recruitment offers excellent career options. Eduroof has identified 9 very important skills required to excel in this career.

1.Understanding of the Job Profiles.

You should be able to understand the job profiles properly, else the entire exercise would result in waste of time and money. A creation of checklist of the understanding is preferred.

2.Efficient Planning of search and mobilization.

It is necessary to plan up the search before the beginning of the exercise. A proper planning should include identification of all the sources of mobilization of candidates including internal source.

3.Ability to execute the search.

A strong determination and commitment is required to achieve the goals and adherence to the timeline. Recruitment is a pressure driven job and requires immense team management and people management skills. A person should have the capacity to execute the plan under pressure and adhering to the timelines as well.

  1. Strong network in the industry to ensure faster mobilization of candidates.  

The first preference of any company is to pick up the people from the same industry as it adds to the talent inventory of the organization and a lower cost of training and faster on the job action and faster result delivery.

  1. Effective Communication of profile to prospective candidates

The most common mistakes seen in the recruitment process is the gap in communication, in spite of sharing the profiles with the candidates, the candidates can turn around and show their blankness of the awareness of the profile. Thus a thorough explanation of the profile to the candidate and ensuring that the communication has been understood is necessary.

  1. Matching the candidates profiles with the set of Job Specs and Job Description requirements.

A simple match of Job description is not the only match that the recruiter has to achieve, but also the Job specifications specifying the characteristics requirement in the candidate. A mismatch of the characteristics generally results in increasing employee attrition.

  1. Presentation and Selling Skills.

In today’s date when the jobs are chasing the skillful candidates, it is important to have presentation and selling skills as the recruiter would be required to sell the job to the candidates. And the success and failure of the organization lies in the recruitment of quality candidates.

  1. Strong Coordination and Follow Up Skills

One of the biggest challenges that the recruiter face is the low turnout of the candidates at the interview desk. This requires an effective communication of the time and venue and contact person details along with other necessities if required like carrying samples, testimonials, etc both to the candidates as well as the interviewer, followed by strong coordination till the interview is achieved.

  1. Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an art and most of the times the recruiter has to play a major role in displaying this art. Bridging the gap between the expectations of the candidate and the offer of the company decides the success or failure of the assignment.

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