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Study Abroad: Steps To Apply For Foreign Education

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Are you planning to study abroad but have no idea where to start? Well we will break down the essential steps for you. Applying to a foreign university can be a different and fun experience. Universities abroad do not follow the same admission criteria as Indian Universities do and hence every student applying stands and equal chance even if they may not have equal scores. While the application process may vary a little among countries and universities, it would include some basic steps. In the following article we will explain all the essential and major steps involved in applying to a foreign university.

Identifying Country, Institute, Course

The first step in applying abroad is identifying which country you would wish to study in. Then you would need to figure out which course you wish to study and what all institutes in the said country offer that course or a variation of that course. Shortlist the institutes where you might want to study. Stay updated about the admission cycle of the University. Our suggestion is drop a mail to the International Students helpdesk of the University of your choice. Generally they revert back with admission schedule and necessary guidance about the process.

Procure Application Forms

You would need the application forms to apply. You can either request for the application form through email or apply online if the facility is available. While applying online make sure that you are filling up the application form meant for international students.

Entry Requirements and Tests

Check entry requirements for the university of your choice. Also check what for English Language Proficiency Tests accepted by the university. Usually the universities require IELTS, TOEFL score for admission to majority of courses. For admission to management programs GMAT score may be required. GRE or SAT are also popular requirements.

Schedule your test and make sure to get scores which are required for admission to the university of your choice.

Write Essays and arrange Recommendation Letters

Almost every foreign university requires its applicants to write one or more essay as part of the application process. The essay is supposed to help universities evaluate a prospective student’s personality and assess if they fit in with the culture and objectives of a university. Many universities ask students to write essay on a specific topic. Universities may also ask you to submit a statement of purpose.

Most Universities also require students to submit one or more letters of recommendation. The letters of recommendation should be issued by someone who has either taught you or you have worked for.

Completing and submitting Application Form

Once you have written the essay and arranged the Letter of Recommendation you need to submit the completed application form to the university in question. Some university may ask you to send the application form via email, others may ask you to fill application form and upload necessary documents online.

Sending Test Scores to the University

This is an important step. A university will not consider your application if you fail to send your test scores. Every test taking agency has provision to send your test scores to university of your choice.

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